Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Recruitments of Part-time National Coach and Coaching Officials for Hong Kong Team

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Following our selection as a Tier B Elite Sport by the Hong Kong Sports Institute in 2013, plans have been implemented to strengthen the Hong Kong Team. One of the initiatives is the recruitment of a National Coach and a number of Coaching Officials to help improve the performance of the Team.


NEWS RELEASE - Quest for ‘Olympic Dream’ draws closer (Issued on 22/2/17)

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Last year a pathway for lawn bowls to achieve official International Olympic Committee (IOC) Recognition arose when our number of participating member nations was formalised to be in excess of fifty – a minimum requisite criteria.


香港體育學院開放日 (二零一七年二月十三日發佈)




Samsung 2016年度香港傑出運動員選舉 (二零一七年一月二十四日發佈)

Samsung 2016年度香港傑出運動員選舉已經開始進行公眾投票,本年度草地滾球運動共有兩項提名,包括:



候選編號: 13 張智興 候選編號: 75 女子草地滾球隊



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