Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Appeal system under HK team selection (Issued on 30/10/13)

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In response to LCSD and ICAC’s suggestions, the Councillors have approved the inclusion of an appeal mechanism to the Hong Kong Team selection. Here are the details.


Notice : Appointment of National Coach & Coach Assistant (Issued on 30/10/13)

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After being selected as a Tier B Elite Sport by the Hong Kong Sports Institute, plans have been implemented to strengthen the Hong Kong Team. One of the initiatives will be the recruitments of a National Coach and a number of Coaching Assistants to help improve the performance of the Team.


Bowls Stickers - HK Classic 2013 (Issued on 9/10/13)

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Please be informed that all the participating players/teams should prepare their own bowls stickers for the Classic. HKLBA will have limited stock of bowls stickers for purchase at HK$20/set. Sponsored team players will be provided one complimentary set each for free.


Nomination - Panels 2013-14 (Issued on 26/09/13)

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According to our Articles of Association, the Council of Management will appoint a number of Panels to control and manage all competitions of the Association. Each Panel will consist of not less than three members of the Council of Management, one of whom shall be an Officer of the Association.


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