Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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Announcements on Technical matters

Memo - Slow Play (Issued on 20/4/18)

Recently we have received complaints about the slow progress of some of the games.  While there were insufficient evidence to make a judgement on penalization of a particular team, we have decided to impose the following measure in an effort to push the games back to a normal pace:


Memo - Auxiliary Bowling Equipment (Issued on 25/3/19)

Recently we have received a number of enquiries regarding the use of auxiliary equipment during lawn bowls competitions. While we maintain our policy of allowing access to our sport to as many participants as possible, we must also ensure that other bowlers are not affected and must not damage the playing surface during play.


Memo - Recording of Telephone Conversations (Issued on 7/3/18)

In a recent case regarding rescheduling of a match, a player used a recorded telephone conversation as evident to support his case.  While the case has been settled, I would like to remind that the recording of a telephone conversation without informing the other party is extremely impolite and may contravene the Privacy Ordinance.


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