Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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香港草地滾球總會於2011年3月1 日開始其50周年金禧慶典年,並己安排一系列節目慶祝這個特別日子。 

其中最主要活動為主辦世界草地滾球總會2011冠中之冠大賽(World Bowls 2011 Champion of Champions),這項在11月6-13日舉行的賽事預計將有來自世界草地滾球總會屬下52個會員國的單人賽冠軍來港參賽。



Golden Jubilee Fours Tournament (Updated on 06/07/12)

Final Results and Photo links were updated.HKLBA Golden Jubilee Fours winners


Prize monies arrangement (23/3/2011)

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HKLBA noticePlease be advised that to celebrate our Golden Jubilee this year, all prizes for our competitions this year (2011-12) will not have the option of receiving the money.



(Version 9 - as at 9 June 2011)


Message for the HKLBA Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme

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The Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011.  To celebrate and record this notable occasion, a souvenir programme will be produced and published in May 2011.  Two thousand copies of the souvenir programme will be distributed to local clubs, bowlers and overseas bowling associations.