Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Offers for rescheduled games (15/12/2016 revised)

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Priority on green usage (20/4/2010)

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Before the fixture was defined, we issued a "Priority of Usage of green" to assign the priority on using the green in the original fixture date. To avoid any mis-understanding about this document, we would like to clarify that:
This priority list is to define which side has the right to play on the original fixture dates. Lower priority sides will be asked to re-schedule their games.
Please note that this priority list is
a) NOT a priority for selection of rinks. All sides have same right on rink selection.
b) NOT a priority to use the green on non-fixture dates. All sides have the same right to book the green for a re-scheduled game.



Player names in score-cards (10/2/2010)

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The League Panel would like to advise the side captains to follow the procedure on Drawing of Rinks.
The respective side captains should copy their team players names and ensure the correctness. The player names should match with the computer records.

The Number Two in each team should check the names of their team players before passing the score cards to his/her Skip for signature.

The Skips have to ensure the correctness of scores and player names in both cards before putting down their signatures.

We will impose penalty on wrong names without any further warnings.


Drawing of Rinks Procedures (3/2/2010)

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Unmatched player names (21/12/2009)

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In the Council meeting on 21-Dec-2009, the Council of Management agreed the following resolution:

Side captains and convenors have to ensure the names in the score cards were clearly spelled and they should match with the computer records.

If discrepancy errors were identified, a warning will be issued to the club for the first offence.

For repeated offence, 0.5 points will be deducted for each obvious error without further warnings.



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