Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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Directive on communication during league matches (Issued on 24/6/22)

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From time to time the HKLBA office receives complaints regarding the communications of spectators and players, and players between teams. Below is a directive guideline which I hope it will reduce unnecessary misunderstandings.


Clarification on improper player during league matches (Issued on 7/7/22)

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We have received inquiries about the penalty for the violation of the rules of registered/tied players.


Updates on Premier League 2022 (Issued on 13/4/22)

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Assuming that all greens will be open after 21 April, the Premier League 2022 will start on 23 April.

The website has been updated. Please check and advise HKLBA if you spot any errors.


Cancellation of Triples League 2021 (Issued on 31/1/22)

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HKSARG announced the further extension on the closure of sports facilities.

The League Panel recommended cancelling the Triples League 2021 and all results will be expunged.

The website will be updated later.


Postponement of League matches due to Closure of all sports facilities for 14 days (Issued on 7/1/22)

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Due to the closure of all sports premises in Hong Kong by the Government, all lawn bowls activities were suspended for two weeks.

188 league matches were affected. The League Panel made the following recommendations:


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