Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

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Announcements from League Panel

Preferred day for rescheduled games (Issued on 21/2/12)

HKLBA league logo

The League panel received an enquiry about the purpose of the Preferred day for postponed games.

Single gender exemption clarifications (Updated on 5/12/11)

League Panel clarified the meaning of single gender exemption in Mixed Fours League 2011.


Mixed Fours bye-law (Issued on 01/11/11)

CoM agreed to implement the registered players system in Mixed Fours.

Rescheduled game clarificaton (15/11/2010)

The League Panel clarified their view points on

a) Exempt 15 days limit for SLY clubs and

b) Allow swap of venue under mutual agreement.



Dress Code in League games (20/8/2010)


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