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Announcements from League Panel

Urgent Notice - Premier league extension of 22 day period for games postponed by weather this weekend (issued on 19/6/17)

HKLBA League notice

Considering there are Reunification Cup and Finals days coming soon, the league panel special approves to extend the normal 22 day period for re-arranging postponed games until the end of July 2017.

Home side should make offer before 26 June (Mon) and away side should accept or counter offer before 28 June (Wed).

All postponed league matches of the first half season can be played before 1 August 2017 (Tue).

If the match does not complete by 1 August, both sides will be treated as "fail to arrive". Captains are reminded to leave sufficient contingency in order to have the match being finished by 1 August.


No grace period for all league games (issued on 27/3/17)

HKLBA League noticeIn the past, there was grace period for league games in private greens and no grace period in public greens.

With a view to optimizing the use of bowling greens and for standardization, the Council of Management on 16 Jan 2017 resolved that the grace period would be cancelled but start time would remain unchanged. It will be effective in the Premier League 2017.

For details, please refer to attachment. (Pdf)


League practice and policy (Updated on 23/6/21)

HKLBA League noticeIn addition to Law of Sport of Bowls and HKLBA bye-law, League panel follows a series of practice and policies to manage the league competitions.

These practice and policies are summarized below for bowlers easy reference.


Transfer of player (issued on 15/12/2016)

HKLBA league notice

We received an enquiry about bye-law 3.9 and 4.9 transfer of player

"A player who has played in a completed match or more in any sides entered by one Club in any one season is not allowed to play in a side entered by another Club unless prior approval of the National League Panel is obtained...", on what situation the National League Panel will approve the transfer of player.


Effective time of League fixture (issued on 15/12/2016)

HKLBA league notice

In the Council of Management meeting of 12 Dec 2016, the Councillors endorsed the following procedure on league fixture approval and confirmation.

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