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Announcements from League Panel

Triples League format (issued on 2/12/2016)

HKLBA league noticeWe received an inquiry about the format of The Triples League.

Clarification from VP League

With effect from 2014, the format of Triples League is 16 ends per match and three woods per player.

Refuse to play 3 woods when short of player (Issued on 24/10/16)

In a league game, a team is short of one player when start time arrives. According to Law of Sport of Bowls, they can start the game with first two players playing three woods each and the skip play two woods, The winning score is deducted by 25%.(Law of Sport of Bowls 39.2.2.)

The defaulting team challenged and refused first two players playing three woods. They queried if the first two players played two woods and the score would not be deducted.


Tied players

In the Council meeting of 25 July, the Council of Management approved the change of bye-law 3.7.a and 4.7.a.


Extend postponed games arrangement (issued on 11/06/16)

HKLBA league logoIn view of the inclement weather in past three weeks, the League Panel suggested to extend the period for postponed games.

All postponed league matches of the first half season can be played before 1 Aug 2016 (Monday).


Report which player in league result capture

We received an enquiry about which player should be captured in a resume game.

"If 2 ends had been played before a game was discontinued, and a substitute player has played 16 ends, which player, the original one or the substitute one, should be reported ?"

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