Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Announcements from League Panel

Triples League 2018 Open for entry (Issued on 7/9/18)

League Notice

The Triples League 2018 is now open for entry.

Entry deadline is 15-Oct-2018 (Monday).


Not allow to play more than one side in same division (issued on 27/04/18)

HKLBA League

In the Council of Management meeting being held on 23 April 2018, the Council approved the addition of a new bye-law

2.11.b Once a bowler plays in a match, he is not allowed to play for any other side in the same division.


Clarification of auto allocation policy (issued on 17/04/18)

HKLBA LeagueIn response to an enquiry about the auto-allocation policy on league fixture, VP League clarified that

1. When a club submits their league entries, they can take the auto-allocation option. The option is valid by Club, but not by Sde. The choices of men and women can be different.



Clarification of tied players (updated on 8/1/18)

HKLBA League notice

After the introduction of 'tied players cannot play for any other side in the same division", there were cases that some bowlers played 7A1B tied to B and cannot play for A anymore. On 4 Dec 2017, the Council of Management added a clause in bye-law.

Since the website software cannot be amended on time, the below list will supersede the display on the website if there is any discrepancy.


Bye-law change on reschedule request due to shortage of player (issued on 7/11/17)

HKLBA League notice

In the Council Meeting of 23 Oct, the Council of Management approved the changes on bye-law 3.5.b

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