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Announcements from League Panel

League panel recommendations (Issued on 9/10/19)

League Notice

In view of the public events and traffic conditions, the League Panel has the following recommendations;

1. To waive the penalty on those "failure to arrive" cases which happened between 1-7 October. However, the defaulting side has to compensate the green fee to the home side.

2. Since we are close to end of season and short of greens, the League Panel agrees to relax the restriction of playing the rescheduled games within 22 days. However, all rescheduled games must be finished two days before the last match. If the game cannot be finished by that time, both sides will be treated as "failure to arrive".


Reschedule request of League games due to public events (Issued on 20/9/19)

League Notice

We have received enquiries about the reschedule of league games due to public events. The league panel have the following directions:


Triples League 2019 Open for entry (Issued on 20/9/19)

League Notice

The Triples League 2019 is now open for entry.

Entry deadline is 21-Oct-2019 (Monday).


KTS Initiative Premier League 2019 (Issued on 1/2/19)

League Notice

KTS Initiative Premier League 2019 is organized by the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association and sponsored by the Kai Tak Sports Initiative Foundation Limited.


Arrangement of Triples League 2018 (Issued on 26/9/18)

League Notice

SLY green is close for maintenance and SLY clubs have to use other public greens for Triples League. The league panel came up below guidelines for your information.

1. The Triples League will be conducted as per schedule agreed early this year. It will be in form of 3 wood triples of 16 ends

2. There will be promotion and relegation as stated in bye-law, that is 2 up 2 down for division of 10 sides

3. Special arrangement for this league, SLY club is allowed to use 2 venues. The choice of venue has to be declared at the entry form. e.g. A side uses TP as home while B side uses ALC as home.

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