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Announcements from League Panel

Cancellation of Triples League 2019 (Issued on 20/2/20)

Consequent to LCSD announcement that public venues would be closed up to 2 March, we can only resume the Triples League at the earliest on 7 March, 2020. It is therefore impossible for us to catch up with the schedule.


Arrangement of players with more than 1 side in same division (Issued on 20/1/20)

League Notice

The Council of Management on 13 Jan 2020 approved the changes on bye-law 2.11.


Shot adjustment on improper use of players (Issued on 11/12/19)

League Notice

For the improper use of players during a league game, such as registered or tied players playing down, improper substitutes, and bowlers playing multiple games in same fixture date, the current bye-laws only apply point deduction on the defaulting team and keep the shots scored.

On 2 December, the Council of Management approved the shot adjustment proposal and will take effect immediately.


Triples League 2019 Format (Issued on 20/11/19)

League Notice

We received an enquiry about the format of upcoming Triples League. Below is a summary of the format.

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