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Announcements from League Panel

Incomplete matches within booking hours in public green (Issued on 23/6/21)

With effect from Premier League 2016, if a league match in public green cannot finish within four hours, the match will stop immediately (even it is in the middle of an end) and postpone, unless there are rinks available to continue the match.

If the subsequent booking is for another league match, both sides should finish the current end. The match will stop and postpone afterward.

During the extended period, if the unfinished end is burnt, the match will stop immediately and postpone. The burnt end will be replayed anew in the postponed match.


Video of HKLBA league operations (Issued on 10/3/21)

Due to latest development of COVID-19, the National League Captain’s Briefing will not be organized this year. In order to introduce the HKLBA League operations to the new captains, below please find the video link for your information.



Premier League 2020 postponement (Issued on 6/5/20)

League Notice

Further to my email of 17 Apr that the opening of league game will highly depend on when LCSD re-opens and accepts block booking for league games.

As of today, LCSD has no indication when it will accept the block booking for league games.

The premier league will continue to postpone until further notice.


Cancellation of Triples League 2019 (Issued on 20/2/20)

Consequent to LCSD announcement that public venues would be closed up to 2 March, we can only resume the Triples League at the earliest on 7 March, 2020. It is therefore impossible for us to catch up with the schedule.

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