Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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League prize allocation and eligibility (revised 15/12/14)

HKLBA League NoticeRecently, we received enquiries about the prize allocation and eligibility policy of league games.

We would like to clarify the policy as below.


  1. 60% of entry fees will be reserved as HKLBA income and International event funds. The remaining 40% will be allocated for prizes.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to the champion side, runners-up side and champion team of each division.The Prize money distribution ratio is 55% for Champion side, 35% for Runners-up side and 10% for Champion team. This ratio applies to both premier and triples league, and for men and women.
  3. A player must play at least one third (33.3%) in order to be eligible for a prize of champion side and runners-up side.
  4. Maximum number of prize winners are:
    a) Premier League - 16 per side for a side of 3 teams.
    b) Triples League - 11 per side for a side of 3 teams.
    c) Champion team - 4 for premier league, 3 for triples league
  5. If a side has more bowlers eligible for prize and exceeds the maximum quantity, the priority will give to those who play more games, then by order of their last name.

This policy has been used and effective since 2010.