Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Rinks assignments in resumed games (Issuesd on 17/12/13)

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Recently, we received queries about the rink assignments of a resumed game. The League Panel clarified that:

A) All 3 rinks with same rink numbers are available - three paired teams should resume the game with same original rinks as shown on the score cards.

B) Only 2 rinks with same rink numbers are available - Two paired teams should play at the same original rinks. The remaining paired teams should play at the newly available rink.

C) Only 1 rink is available - The paired teams which played at the original available rink to resume unchanged. Draw to be made for the two newly available rinks for the other two paired teams as per 2.5.a.2

D) All 3 rinks have different rink numbers - Draw the rinks for all three paired teams as per 2.5.a.2. Player line-ups remain unchanged.

Please note that the reference of a newly available rink is based only on the rink number. Any change in direction of play or shift in location of rink are not considered as newly available rinks