Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Clarification on SBI house rules (Issued on 30/4/21)

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We have received several enquiries from fellow member clubs and would like to make the following updates:

1) The house rule of not allowing external food and drinks are no different to those of other private clubs and most commercial premises. Free access of water will be available at the water dispenser located at green side. A wide variety of food and drinks will also be available at our in-house restaurant “Rink 8”, while the regulation of serving food during league games as recommended by the HKLBA league panel will be followed.

2) The devices on rinks 1 & 6 are solely for the purpose of assistance, and the playback is available for swift review on the electronic device located at green side. In case of any dispute, the existing bye-law of the HKLBA should still be followed.

We would also like to express our gratitude towards your valuable feedback and sincerely hope that visiting teams can have an enjoyable experience from our facilities.

From VP - Technical

All bowlers should observe the house rules of private clubs.

Please note that any video recording at SBI cannot be used for purposes other than determination of dead bowl hitting the pillar.