Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Memo - SBI Green (Issued on 7/4/21)

A new green at Mei Foo Sun Chuen has been added to the list of approved venue Hong Kong.  The indoor green, which is operated by Simply Bowls Institute, is located at the Bowling Centre, 1/F, Mei Foo Sun Chuen Stage 4, 69-119 Broadway, Kowloon.  It is acceptable to use as a venue for competitions and activities organized by the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association.

Due to the restriction of the building structure, part of the outside rink will not be surrounded with a ditch.  Hence the following rule will apply when a match is played on rink 1 and 6:

  • Any bowls hitting/touching the area that does not surrounded by a ditch (illustrated in the diagram below with a red circle) will be treated as dead bowls.

We hope this clarified the possible confusion and eliminated any argument in the future.

We wish you good bowling in the new season.

Memo - SBI Green