Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Youth Overseas Exchange Programme - England

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With the funding from LCSD, a Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Youth Overseas Exchange Programme for HKYDT members was organised by HKLBA from 3-11 August, 2019 in England

Date: 3– 11 August, 2019

Venue: England





Team List

Team Manager:

Mr. Walter KWOK


Ms. Rita SHEK and Mr. Derek Lee


Mr. AU YEUNG Yiu Pan, Langley

Miss CHAN Yuet Ching, Abbie

Miss CHAN Zeon, Corrine

Mr. CHOW Ho Yin, Jason

Mr. HO Yau Chung, Ivan

Mr. LAW Chung Kan, Rayson

Miss LUK Ho Yee, Joey

Mr. MAN Pok Chung, Nixon

Miss NG Pui Tin Gillian

Mr. NG Ka Hin, Hugo

Miss TSAI Hiu Tung, Zoe

Miss WONG Choi Nam, Bernice


Appeal Mechanism:

The appellant shall give written notice of his/ her appeal to the Chairman of High Performance Committee (HPC) with 3 days of the decision the appeal is against. The appellant shall lodge a deposit of HK$500 with the HKLBA

The notice of appeal shall:

(i) Set out the grounds of appeal;

(ii) Set out the outcome which is sought;

(iii) Be accompanied by a statement or statements of evidence setting out the facts of the matter;

(iv) Be accompanied by a written submission setting out why and how the appellant considers the HPC's decision was wrong

Once the HPC has determined the outcome of the appeal, the decision, and the reasons for the decision shall be given in writing to the parties.

The deposit shall be refunded if the Appeal is allowed.