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Memo - Mind your step (Issued on 29/5/17)

An accident occurred at the Ap Lei Chau greens yesterday when a bowler accidentally stepped on a bowl when getting onto the green from the bank.  It resulted in a broken leg and other injuries.

While wishing the bowler to get well soon, I would like to remind all bowlers to be careful on and off the green.  Attached are some safety precautions we should take when enjoying our game.

Lawn bowls was generally considered as one of the safest sport in the world.  However, sometimes we were too involved and just concentrated to the heads rather than where we step.  I hope keeping these precautions in mind will help us refrain from injury in the future.

On behalf of

The Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

Claudius Lam

Vice President – Technical





None of us wishes to be injured or cause an injury to another during our bowling time.  By taking the trouble of observing a few precautions, we can lessen the chance of this happening.

-   Always place the mat correctly on the bank, never just throw it up or with part of it hanging over the edge, someone could slip on it and have a nasty fall.

-   Close bowls bags properly and stow them and other property out of the way so they will not cause an injury to anyone.

-   Be careful not to catch your trousers or skirt on boundary pegs when stepping down onto the green.

-   Focus on the place you are going to land on the green, rather than watching the head.

-   Group together all the bowls in the rink to avoid someone tripping on a loose bowl.

-   Stand out of the way, preferably on the bank when someone is about to drive.

-   Never step backwards; you could easily trip on bowls or the bank.

-   Be careful to replace jack and bowl markers out of the way where they will not be tripped on.

-   All bowls lifters, umbrellas etc should be placed on the bank and out of the way when not in use.

-   Drink plenty of water before, during and after play, particularly during very hot weather.  If we do not, we could become dehydrated and not only does this lead to lost concentration, it could also result in heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Water should also be taken at regular intervals.

-   Alcohol, tea and coffee are diuretics and cause loss of fluid.  Plain water is recommended.

-   Warming up before play can help prevent pulled muscles.  A short brisk walk followed by gentle stretching of muscles to be used is an appropriate warm up.  NEVER stretch a cold muscle, it can result in injury.  A warm up prepares the muscles for the game ahead and improves blood circulation and flexibility.

-   Be careful walking on wet surfaces when wearing bowls shoes.  Their very smooth soles could cause you to slip.  Walking on talcum powder could also be dangerous.