Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Memo - Marking of Toucher (Issued on 9/3/17)


In a recent disciplinary case queries were raised on the proper procedures of marking a toucher.  We have simplified the wordings in the latest version of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls published by World Bowls for your reference:

-       A toucher must be marked by a member of the team that delivered the bowls as soon as it comes to rest

-       If the marking action may likely to move the bowl, the player of skip should nominate it as a toucher and acknowledged by the opposition.

-       If before the next delivered bowls comes to rest, a bowl is neither marked nor nominated, it is no longer a toucher.

-       If a non-toucher carries a mark, the mark should be removed by the opposition as it come to rest.

-       If a non-toucher carries a mark but the remove of such mark may move the bowl, it should be nominated as a non-toucher and acknowledged by the opposition.

-       After the marking/nomination of a toucher/non-toucher, the decision was non-reversible.

Hope this clarify the queries and avoid any disputes in the future.

On behalf of

The Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association

Claudius Lam

Vice President – Technical