Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Approval mail for reschedule games (issued on 20/12/2016)

HKLBA league notice

Some public green clubs waited for HKLBA approval mail and missed the timing on green booking in public venues.

We would like to reiterate our policy and procedure on the HKLBA approval mail as below:


1. Once both captains come to a mutual agreement of a rescheduled game. This agreement is immediately in effect.

2. League panel will only reject those invalid agreement, such as exceeding 22 days, or change of venue.

3. HKLBA office, after receiving the notification from the home or away side, will issue an approval mail to both convenors as a communication proof.

4. HKLBA office will update the new game date/time into the website.

Home side can start green booking as long as the agreement is valid and in effect, no need to wait for HKLBA approval mail.

Hope this clarification will reduce unnecessary confusion and make the booking process more smooth.

Cyril Leung

VP League