Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China

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Neutral green in league matches (Issued on 8/12/15)

We received a request to elaborate the definition of neutral green for clubs having both outdoor and indoor greens in league matches.
Clarification from VP National League
Every side has to declare the venue for playing home matches (home green) in the league entry form.
Neutral green is any green except the home green of home side or away side.
A side using outdoor as its home green, can nominate any green including its indoor as neutral green.
For example, CdeR-A uses CdeR outdoor as home green. If CdeR outdoor is not available, CdeR-A can nominate to use CdeR indoor as neutral green.
Note to bowlers:
Change of surface (neutral green) during a match has to be mutually agreed by the away side. otherwise the match is postponed. (bye-law 1.22.b)
If any side requests to change venue, it has to be approved by league panel. Long-term changes will refer to Council of Management. (bye-law 3.3.a, 4.3.b)